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Trapped Inside

A gripping love story that will touch your emotions and warm your heart. 

After swearing off men, a young courageous woman did not hesitate to leave her home in Canada when offered her dream job at a large advertising company in Los Angeles. Running from her past, she was determined to make a fresh start and leave everything else behind.

Lexi Green is at the top of her game, a successful businesswoman who neither needs nor wants the distraction of a man in her life. Reacting to unexpected news that will change her life, as she now knows it. Her actions put her in a vulnerable situation that could be disastrous if not for Ryder Critchlow's unexplained intuition to watch over her.
While on a free spirited mission to make up for lost time, Ryder Critchlow captures her heart.

Lexi must face a tragedy that tests the power of the mind and the strength of the heart. Only time will tell if love will prevail and be enough to overcome the overwhelming situation she must face.