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To Have Forgotten - Letting Go Series (Book 1)

Tiffany Keller married her high school sweetheart. Together forever. Wrong! When Tiffany’s suspicions are confirmed, she struggles to accept the truth of her husband’s betrayal. 

Blaise Cartwright’s wife broke his heart years ago, leaving him bitter and closed off. 

Tiffany finds comfort in an acquaintance who quickly becomes a dear friend, who also happens to be Blaise’s father. Blaise couldn’t be more different from his father. John a warm, caring man with a heart of gold. Blaise a cold and cocky man with a ruthless persona. His standoffish demeanor pushes Tiffany to her limit, but the more Blaise tries to push Tiffany away, the stronger her attraction for him grows. She knows there is so much more to Blaise than what he portrays and that is what keeps her coming back. 

The unexpected return of Blaise’s ex-wife threatens those that Blaise cares about, including Tiffany. 

Tiffany had been warned of her return, but nothing could have prepared her for what she would be faced with.

How far will Blaise go to protect the ones he loves?

How far will Tiffany go to keep a promise she made to a dear friend?

The stakes are high. Emotions are higher. Loyalties run deep and Blaise’s ex has no boundaries. How far will she go to get what she wants?