Fierce Determination - Letting Go Series (Book 2)

One can never truly know the way others think and the control, if any, they have over their thoughts. Actions of others might seem bizarre and unfathomable, even impossible to understand, no matter how hard one tries. One might never know what inner demons lie within another and the burdens they must bear.

Tiffany struggles to find the balance between competing priorities. When she allows herself to be sucked into the enthralment of obtaining huge success for her business, she finds herself jeopardizing what is really important. Maybe it’s her escape from her lingering paranoia that Vicky will never truly be out of their lives, always being on edge, waiting for her to return and without fail, to wreak more havoc in their lives.

Blaise feels the full blow of Tiffany’s neglect, leaving them to travel down a bumpy road.

How close will Tiffany come to losing everything before she realizes what stands to be lost?

Are they strong enough to make it through the unforeseeable and unthinkable actions of a woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants?

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